Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Let me just start off with… There’s a reason why this baby is so popular!

My lovely other half brought me a Benefit mini set for Christmas and I’ve been steadily trying them all out. A stand out for me is definitely the Hoola bronzer. I’ve been using this as a contour and I love it!

benefit hoola bronzer

It’s a really good colour for my skin tone (fair) it’s soft, pigmented and easy to blend.

This is obviously the mini size but when I run out, which will be a while as you don’t need much, I’ll definitely be getting the full size.

benefit hoola bronzer

I apply it using a brush that came with my W7 box blushes I ‘stripe’ it on the areas I want to contour then blend it in with my Real Techniques contour brush.

Ahh I love it!


L’Oreal Super Liner Eyeliner – Express

Today I’m reviewing L’Oreal’s Super Liner Gelmatic Eyeliner, name’s a bit of a mouthful! I got mine in the colour taupe grey, it also comes in ultra black and deep violet. It’s their first gel liner in a pen format.

I picked it up because I was looking for something to use instead of black to make my signature smokey eye a little softer, the gel pen format really intrigued me as I love gel eyeliner’s and have never tried it in a pen before.


I was not disappointed at all! But to be fair I’ve not found a L’Oreal product that I haven’t liked yet!

  • Pros – It goes on smooth and doesn’t drag across the eyelid.
  • Fab pigmentation.
  • Great staying power, I don’t know if it lives up to it’s 24hour wear as I haven’t worn it that long! But it does last until I remove it after about 11hours.
  • It has a retractable liner and has good size nib, not too big, not too small!
  • If you work quickly before it sets, it smudges out lovely.


A swatch of the liner, sorry it’s coming off slightly more brown in the photo, it’s a little more grey than that.

017 (2)

This is after being vigorously rubbed with my hand and sleeve! Not too shabby eh?!

So I’m afraid I have no cons to list! I’m really happy with this liner and definitely recommend it. It’s a fabulous staple to have, especially in the grey shade to give a softer look than using black.

Thanks! Lucy.x

Nars Ita Dupe – Express

Hey guys and dolls, just a quick one for you today!

If you’re a regular on beauty blogs and youtube you’ve probably heard about the Nars Ita brush. It’s a small, flat, angular brush ideal for contouring. The shape lends itself well to really helping you to define the angles of your face then you can turn it on it’s side and blend away.

    nars ita brush photo credit nordstrom

Now, if like the rest of the world you can’t get your hands on one or you like the idea but just aren’t sure and you don’t want to spend the money, I may have just the answer!

nars ita w7 dupe

This is the brush from one of my W7 box blushes, I do love the W7 blushes by the way so I do recommend them (some of which are dupes for Benefit’s Box O’ Powder) and they retail for around £4.

Now, this brush is not spectacular and I definitely can’t see it matching up to the Ita but the shape is there and you can get an idea of what it would be like to use the Ita.

nars ita w7 dupe

With this brush I ‘stripe’ my powder of choice on, then blend, blend, blend with my Real Techniques contour brush.

nars ita w7 dupe

So if you’re on the lookout for something similar or just want to give it a go to see if you get along with the shape I’d recommend trying W7. Even if you don’t like the brush there’s a good chance you’ll like the blush and/or bronzer!

Thanks for reading! Lucy.x

*Not a sponsored post.

Budget Beauty

I have a beauty bargain for you today, MUA Blusher in Shade 2 (although looking on the website now it appears they’ve now given all their shades names, which is far better than numbers in my opinion)

mua blusher

I picked this up on a whim from Superdrug for the stonkingly good price of £1!!

mua blusher

You do need a light hand with this as it’s highly pigmented but I consider that a good thing. Nothing worse than layering and layering and nothing happening!

It’s soft with a nice gentle sheen to it and no shimmer.

For the price it’s definitely worth trying them out!


Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick

Hey gorgeous!
Today I’m talking about the Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick in Nude Glow.
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
The packaging alone deserves massive kudos, how beautiful?! My boyfriend brought it for me from the Bobbi Brown counter, and it came in a cardboard, (please don’t picture flimsy brown card, this was beautiful, I wish there were a more appropriate term than cardboard! It was wrapped in red tissue paper and placed in a gift box. What a treat!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
The compact itself is strong, with a push button release. I’ve not traveled with it but it’s sturdy enough that I wouldn’t be worried about it breaking.
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
Isn’t that just lovely!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
Onto the product itself… The shade I have is Nude Glow. I’ve used this everyday since I got it as a highlight for the tops of my cheekbones, the finish gives the most beautiful glow with none of that glittery/shiny white-ness some highlights give. You could use it anywhere you like a nice highlight, cupids bow, brow bone etc also as a blusher or eyeshadow. It’s multi-use 🙂
I tend to have trouble with highlighters as most that I’ve tried turn to a greasy glow after a few hours wear. Not so attractive! This lasts me all day and I’ve actually had people comment on how awake and put together I look, that’s impressive considering all I’ve done is dust a highlight on my cheekbones! Result!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
For application I use a small tapered Crown brush, tap it on the product and swipe it across my cheekbones, and hey presto, pretty cheeks!
I definitely recommend this, it is expensive but I see it lasting an age and it literally is the best highlight I’ve tried. You can purchase it from here
Happy weekend!
Lucy x

Express Review

Hey guys 🙂 this is an quick review on Maybelline Baby Lips.
I brought this wanting to try a new lip balm, I love tinted balms as I’m not a massive lipstick wearer.
I choose Pink Punch, a gorgeous cool pink shade.
Swatch-I went over the balm a couple of times to show the level of pigmentation in the balm you can achieve, for a more subtle look which I like I just go over once.
I really love this as I can just slap it on with no mirror and it looks good! Just enough colour in it to show a nice tint to the lips but not so much I need to be careful with application! It’s smooth and moisturizing, perfect for winter months when your lips need some hydration.
I wouldn’t buy this if you want a lot of pigmentation from a balm, I’d recommend Revlon’s lip butters for that. But for a nice sheen of colour these are perfect, I’m defiantly going to try out Cherry Me when I’m next in a drugstore. I got mine on a buy one get one half price offer in store, but currently online they’re running a 3 for 2 offer here
Thanks for reading! Lucy x