Blonde hair gone wrong? Quick tip

My friend is coming over tonight for me to fix her hair so that’s prompted me to write a quick tip for anyone that’s had a issue with going blonde.
She used a box dye on her hair and her roots have gone orange and brassy, I’m going to be using Touch of Silver toning shampoo
photo credit google ebay
I’ll just be using this on her roots as the lengths are fine, if you have brassiness all over just whack it on all your hair!
It was my saviour when I undertook the laborious and painful journey from black to platinum blonde.
It’s a deep indigo colour, but don’t panic, this colour is exactly what’s needed to neutralize the brassiness. You just lather it up, leave it for about 5 minutes then wash it out thoroughly.
It’s never failed me!.
This post has prompted me to write about all the tips and tricks I learnt on my journey so I’ll be posting that shortly.
Thanks again guys! Lucy x
*This is not a sponsored post, I’ve always brought this shampoo with my own money.

The big hair rescue.

I begin a mission a while ago, the aim? Healthy long hair, doable? Of course! Doable for me? Not so much.. I have this problem you see… I can’t stop dying my hair!! I’ll give you some background on my hair then we’ll talk about all the interesting and helpful things I’ve learnt in my quest.
I’ve had every colour of hair under the sun and enjoyed every minute. One of my favorites was white blonde, I loved it. My hair did not.
And I’m still paying for it 😦
So I decided to go back to my comforting shade of cocoa brown and take care of my hair.
My aim is to have healthy hair with some length by the summer, I’ll keep you updated!
Things I’ve learnt… oil, oil, and more oil!! No one can take my coconut oil from me, I love it! I take the smallest amount and smooth it onto my hair, wet or dry, and it nourishes and gives gorgeous shine.
I also use it in a oil mask for my hair, along with castor oil and leave it on for as long as possible. This is the thing I’ve noticed the most difference in my hair health with. It’s really worked for me. One thing to note, buy organic and cold pressed, it’s got the most goodies in! There are so many other uses for coconut oil, (I love it in porridge!) but that’s a whole other post!
A trim.. I don’t like having my hair trimmed, I wanna keep my precious length! But even I can’t deny how much healthier and better it feels after a trim! I’ll tell you a secret.. I’m currently rocking the ‘lopsided’ look, I have one half of my hair about a half of an inch longer than the other :/ I just can’t bear to lose half an inch!
I probably should have it made equal on my next trip though!
I used to heat style my hair a lot, now I use curlers or straighteners once every couple of months for special occasions. Embrace your natural style! (Easier said than done I know!) I know you’ve heard it before but I’m gonna repeat it 😉 Don’t forget your heat protectant!
The shampoo and conditioner I’m loving at the moment is TIGI Bed head urban antidotes, level 3! I’ve noticed a difference in the manageability and overall look of my hair since I started using this, it smells good and I got it for a bargain £10 a bottle at my local B&M so check yours if you have a store near you! It’s a massive bottle and will last me ages!
And don’t forget your hair pretties! I do love a good clip 🙂
Thanks for reading, I hope I’ve inspired you to take a hair mission! Let me know any tips you have or pick up on your mission 🙂
Lucy x