My Discoveries in getting rid of Acne!

How I cured my adult acne.
Heya guys, this post is about my skin, the skin on my face to be specific 🙂 And how I’m kicking acne’s butt, finally!
I’m 23 now and for a while my skin was the worst it has ever been. I had the odd spot here and there but nothing that problematic. During my late teens and early twenties it was pretty good! I just needed some foundation to even my skin out.
Then something happened! I think I had a bit of a growth spurt, my boobs got bigger (bonus!) but my skin decided it hated me (no bonus)
After huge amounts of research and trying many different methods I found THE ONE, Jojoba oil and the oil cleansing method.
Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) isn’t actually an oil funnily enough, it’s actually a wax but it is the closest to the natural oil, sebum, our skin produces. The theory behind jojoba oil being an acne remedy is that it tricks your skin into thinking it’s producing enough oil therefore it balances the skin out. No more grease face!
It’s non-irritating to the skin (although it’s always best to check before use) and full of benefits.
It’s non-comedogenic so you can use it without fear of it clogging your pores.
It’s a very stable oil so you can store it for ages in a cool and dry place and it won’t go rancid.
There are so many uses for this oil, as a massage oil, hair conditioner and more but this post is supposed to be about acne so I’ll move on!
Always try and buy organic and cold pressed, that way you get the most benefits from the oil. I get mine from Amazon here and because you only need a small amount it lasts for absolutely ages.
The way I use my oil is with the OCM (oil cleansing method) I start with a dry face and massage a 10 pence piece size of oil into my skin including my eyes, it doesn’t irritate them at all and it removes all makeup including waterproof mascara like a piece of cake.
Then I wet a flannel with hot water from the tap (not scalding though!) wring it out and lay it over my face until it cools slightly.
Once that’s done I just wipe away the oil and makeup and repeat with the flannel twice more.
My skin has never been so soft 🙂
For my moisturizer I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night lotion, I love this one. I’ve always struggled with moisturizers and have never been able to use one as they all broke me out, even the Simple range ones. This is quite literally the only one that has left me with better skin not worse! It’s lasted ages too! Find it here and at the moment they are also running a 40% off promo.
To moisturize the skin around my eyes I use a touch of the jojoba oil all round and it’s actually helped my dark circles disappear, another bonus 🙂 and it conditions my lashes and eyebrows.
For the odd occasions, (period week) I get a monumental spot I use Quinoderm, available from chemists without prescription, one if it’s active ingredients is 10% benzoyl peroxide, a well known ingredient for spot fighting, it kills the bacteria that causes most cases of acne. It renews the skin, breakdowns blackheads and unblocks pores. It really does get rid of spots fast. I do recommend having a good exfoliator as the skin around the area can get quite flaky using this.
If you’re having troubles with your skin I definitely recommend giving this method a go, you’ve got nothing to lose! I can’t see me ever changing this routine as it works so well for me!
Thanks for reading guys 🙂