Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick

Hey gorgeous!
Today I’m talking about the Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick in Nude Glow.
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
The packaging alone deserves massive kudos, how beautiful?! My boyfriend brought it for me from the Bobbi Brown counter, and it came in a cardboard, (please don’t picture flimsy brown card, this was beautiful, I wish there were a more appropriate term than cardboard! It was wrapped in red tissue paper and placed in a gift box. What a treat!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
The compact itself is strong, with a push button release. I’ve not traveled with it but it’s sturdy enough that I wouldn’t be worried about it breaking.
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
Isn’t that just lovely!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
Onto the product itself… The shade I have is Nude Glow. I’ve used this everyday since I got it as a highlight for the tops of my cheekbones, the finish gives the most beautiful glow with none of that glittery/shiny white-ness some highlights give. You could use it anywhere you like a nice highlight, cupids bow, brow bone etc also as a blusher or eyeshadow. It’s multi-use 🙂
I tend to have trouble with highlighters as most that I’ve tried turn to a greasy glow after a few hours wear. Not so attractive! This lasts me all day and I’ve actually had people comment on how awake and put together I look, that’s impressive considering all I’ve done is dust a highlight on my cheekbones! Result!
bobby brown shimmer brick nude glow
For application I use a small tapered Crown brush, tap it on the product and swipe it across my cheekbones, and hey presto, pretty cheeks!
I definitely recommend this, it is expensive but I see it lasting an age and it literally is the best highlight I’ve tried. You can purchase it from here
Happy weekend!
Lucy x

My Wish List

I thought I’d write a wish list of all the things I’m lusting after this month! It’s definitely helped my winter blues!
Too Faced’s new spring collection launches on Debenhams this month! No date yet but I’m itching to get my hands on this!
naked basics
I’ve been lusting after the basics palette for a while as I love a good range of neutrals to use for lots of different eye looks.
My absolute favourite blush has hit pan now (ELF’s studio line Tickled Pink) so I’m going to try out one of The Balm’s blushes as I’ve heard lots of good things about them!
What are you lusting after this month?
I’ve been a little quiet this week, my posts went funny and I’ve had to re-upload my photos! Not fun and extremely time consuming! I’m hoping it was just a blip and it won’t happen again!
Lucy x

Express Review

Hey guys 🙂 this is an quick review on Maybelline Baby Lips.
I brought this wanting to try a new lip balm, I love tinted balms as I’m not a massive lipstick wearer.
I choose Pink Punch, a gorgeous cool pink shade.
Swatch-I went over the balm a couple of times to show the level of pigmentation in the balm you can achieve, for a more subtle look which I like I just go over once.
I really love this as I can just slap it on with no mirror and it looks good! Just enough colour in it to show a nice tint to the lips but not so much I need to be careful with application! It’s smooth and moisturizing, perfect for winter months when your lips need some hydration.
I wouldn’t buy this if you want a lot of pigmentation from a balm, I’d recommend Revlon’s lip butters for that. But for a nice sheen of colour these are perfect, I’m defiantly going to try out Cherry Me when I’m next in a drugstore. I got mine on a buy one get one half price offer in store, but currently online they’re running a 3 for 2 offer here
Thanks for reading! Lucy x

Tip of the Day.

I can’t take the credit for this tip though, that goes entirely to my Mum!
P1010465 (2)
She used up a Mr Muscle touch up cleaner and brought it round for me and told me to put nail polish remover in. The idea being that it’s just like the ones you’ll see nail technicians using.
P1010467 (2)
P1010466 (2)
P1010468 (2)
Just push down gently with your cotton pad, no mess & gets nail polish off quick.
Fabulous idea and works like a dream! (Just make sure you store it upright!)
Well done Mum 🙂

The Liebster Award!


Hi guys, I’ve been nominated by Rachel Williams for the Leibster Award! I love reading her posts when they pop up, and I’m sure lots of other will too!
I *shamefully* admit I’ve not heard about this before :/ But it sounds like a fab idea! I’m going to copy and paste what Rachel put about this award as she explains it well!
“It’s especially for blogs with a small number of followers and it helps you find more blogs you’d like to follow as well as having people check out your blog too. It’s like one big online friendship circle to put it in simple terms. It’s such a good idea but there’s some rules to go along with this:”
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
3. You must nominate 11 of your favourite blogs and give them 11 of your own questions to answer
4. You can’t nominate back the person who nominated you … and finally …
5. Make sure you let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them by sending them a message!
1. What is your favourite make-up brand and why?
This is a difficult one! One of my favourite things to do is try out different makeup brands and their products! But I guess if I had to choose it would be The Balm, their packaging is just beautiful, the names are so imaginative and the eyeshadows are like butter!
2. What is your favourite TV show?
It has to be Hollyoaks, it’s been the one show I’ve always watched!
3. What is your most rated album of 2013?
Would it be awful to say I don’t have one in particular? :/ Sorry! A group I’ve really loved listening to this year however has been Boyce Avenue, they do acoustic covers and I love their sound.
4. Why did you decide to start a blog and what do you prefer to write about?
Because my friends were probably fed up listening to me babble on about makeup and beauty, I needed an outlet! I wanted to be able to share what I’ve learnt along the way. I love writing about new products I find and what I like/dislike about them.
Also it gives me an excuse as to why I can’t stop buying makeup, I’ve got to, so I can review it for my blog 😉
5. What is your favourite mascara?
Ahh I’m split between two! Benefit’s Bad Gal and L’Oreal’s Miss Manga! I love both as I love thick volumized lashes!
6. What are your most visited websites?
Bloglovin’, WordPress and Google for all my favourite blogs and Fragrance Direct and Feel Unique for buying more stuff!
7. What do you prefer running, cycling or walking?
Cycling! I don’t do it nearly enough!
8. Would you describe yourself more as outgoing or a bit shy and introverted?
Shy when you meet me, but ridiculously loud and out there when you know me!
9. Where is your favourite place to shop?
Boots and New Look.
10. Name your favourite place in the world.
My home, cheesy I know but it’s where I feel safe and I can just ‘be’
11. Where would you like to visit in the future and why?
Italy, I’ve always loved the food and culture there and I’d love to stay in an area away from the tourist hubs to really get a feel for the way of life over there.
These are my questions for you guys!
1. What is your ultimate foundation?
2. What is your favourite drugstore brand?
3. And favourite high end?
4. What is your top tip for keeping hair in good condition?
5. Describe your style?
6. How do you keep fit?
7. What do you mainly read blogs for?
8. Would you rather have a job you love and just enough money to live or a job you hate and be rich?
9. What are your hobbies?
10. What was the best book you read in 2013?
11. Finally, what is your best quality about yourself?
I would like to nominate… Amuleta Beauty Little Bit Soph Sarah Love Makeup Emily Burrows Izzie’s Beauty Blog Gretchen Foxx Joanna Loves Shes Looking at the Stars Cava with Daisy Little Beauty Buddha With Nails and I
I think this is a fabulous idea! Hope you guys enjoy 🙂
Hugs, Lucy x

Haul of the Day.

Boots Haul.
Heya guys, today I went to Boots so I thought I’d just do a quick post with what I picked up!
Real Techniques have brought out their own version of the beauty blender, I’m so excited to give this a try and I’ll definitely do a review of it!
Your smile is important, therefore so are teeth! I love flossing my teeth, knowing that they are super clean really makes me feel happy!
Cotton balls are so handy! And a little tip, have a look in the baby section for cotton wool products, for pretty much the exact same size bag, the baby ones are £1 cheaper!! And both are made from 100% cotton. I also wanted to try out some shine control papers so I just picked up the first I saw and these have salicylic acid in them for extra help in the war against acne 🙂
They had lots of things in the reduced section which was great! I got two No7 nail polishes for £1.50 each! The blue one is called Stand Back and the pinky orange is Crave Me.
Also from No7 they had Lighten and Brighten  age spot corrector down to £2.50. I don’t have age spots but I do have some dark spots from acne so I thought for that price I’d give it a go, ya never know!
I’ve wanted to try a new root lift product for while and I saw this John Frieda one with no lid for £2.50 I can cope with no lid! It also provides heat protection. I do love me a good dry shampoo so I’m giving this Charles Worthington one a go 🙂 (Sorry for the crap picture of the dry shampoo!)
I went to the Estee Lauder counter too as I’m in need of a new foundation, I got colour matched and got a sample for their Double Wear foundation, so I’m looking forward to giving it a try and no doubt I’ll be back with a full review on it!
Thanks for reading!
Lucy x

My Discoveries in getting rid of Acne!

How I cured my adult acne.
Heya guys, this post is about my skin, the skin on my face to be specific 🙂 And how I’m kicking acne’s butt, finally!
I’m 23 now and for a while my skin was the worst it has ever been. I had the odd spot here and there but nothing that problematic. During my late teens and early twenties it was pretty good! I just needed some foundation to even my skin out.
Then something happened! I think I had a bit of a growth spurt, my boobs got bigger (bonus!) but my skin decided it hated me (no bonus)
After huge amounts of research and trying many different methods I found THE ONE, Jojoba oil and the oil cleansing method.
Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) isn’t actually an oil funnily enough, it’s actually a wax but it is the closest to the natural oil, sebum, our skin produces. The theory behind jojoba oil being an acne remedy is that it tricks your skin into thinking it’s producing enough oil therefore it balances the skin out. No more grease face!
It’s non-irritating to the skin (although it’s always best to check before use) and full of benefits.
It’s non-comedogenic so you can use it without fear of it clogging your pores.
It’s a very stable oil so you can store it for ages in a cool and dry place and it won’t go rancid.
There are so many uses for this oil, as a massage oil, hair conditioner and more but this post is supposed to be about acne so I’ll move on!
Always try and buy organic and cold pressed, that way you get the most benefits from the oil. I get mine from Amazon here and because you only need a small amount it lasts for absolutely ages.
The way I use my oil is with the OCM (oil cleansing method) I start with a dry face and massage a 10 pence piece size of oil into my skin including my eyes, it doesn’t irritate them at all and it removes all makeup including waterproof mascara like a piece of cake.
Then I wet a flannel with hot water from the tap (not scalding though!) wring it out and lay it over my face until it cools slightly.
Once that’s done I just wipe away the oil and makeup and repeat with the flannel twice more.
My skin has never been so soft 🙂
For my moisturizer I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night lotion, I love this one. I’ve always struggled with moisturizers and have never been able to use one as they all broke me out, even the Simple range ones. This is quite literally the only one that has left me with better skin not worse! It’s lasted ages too! Find it here and at the moment they are also running a 40% off promo.
To moisturize the skin around my eyes I use a touch of the jojoba oil all round and it’s actually helped my dark circles disappear, another bonus 🙂 and it conditions my lashes and eyebrows.
For the odd occasions, (period week) I get a monumental spot I use Quinoderm, available from chemists without prescription, one if it’s active ingredients is 10% benzoyl peroxide, a well known ingredient for spot fighting, it kills the bacteria that causes most cases of acne. It renews the skin, breakdowns blackheads and unblocks pores. It really does get rid of spots fast. I do recommend having a good exfoliator as the skin around the area can get quite flaky using this.
If you’re having troubles with your skin I definitely recommend giving this method a go, you’ve got nothing to lose! I can’t see me ever changing this routine as it works so well for me!
Thanks for reading guys 🙂

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

The new L’Oreal mascara review.
We’re being treated with all these new products on the shelves!
I picked this up in my local Superdrug for the introductory offer of £5.99. Bargain! You can get it here it also comes in Pop Turquoise and Tropical Violet.
L’Oreal say.
Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara creates mega volume on top and bottom so eyes look more open.
Our exclusive formula, made up of enlarging collagen spheres works perfectly in conjunction with the 360° flexible cone shaped brush to amplify upper lashes and reveal lower lashes.
The exclusive formula also contains a trilogy of polymers for absolute hold and staying power.
I say.
I really like this mascara! I do have to say though that when I opened the tube (which took forever, I had two layers of that horrible plastic stuff to get through!) the brush didn’t look great and the first strokes just looked like a clumpy mess.
I persevered though and I ended up with lots of length, volume and a definite ‘wide eyed’ look!
One problem I seem to get with a lot of mascaras is that when I get good volume it weighs down my lashes and I often end up having to sacrifice length for volume. I didn’t get that with Miss Manga, after the initial mess with more strokes it spread out and I had fairly defined long thick lashes, every girls dream 🙂
The wand is one of those fandangaled bendy ones like the Mega Plush from Maybelline, so if you didn’t like that wand, chances are you won’t like this one.
After 8 hours wear I still had curled long lashes with no smudges. I do recommend this and this will be a daily use. Will it take over my Benefit Bad Gal? I don’t think so, there’s a special place in my heart for that one! But I can see myself picking this one up a lot!
Thanks for reading, have you brought this mascara? What did you think?
Lucy. x
Disclaimer. I brought this with my own money and received no money or products in exchange for this review.

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil and Brow Drama Brow Mascara

New Maybelline Brow Products Review.
Hi guys, today I’m posting about two new Maybelline Products, the Master Shape brow pencil and the Brow Drama mascara.
I was actually shopping for my sister’s baby shower but I just can’t resist the makeup aisles!
I’m always on the lookout for good brow products as I really believe good brows make a face! If I could only do three things to my face a day it would be, foundation, brows and mascara!
So onto the products..
The pencil – It’s creamy and goes on smoothly. The colour I picked up was soft brown and it only comes in one other colour, dark blonde. I think there should be more shades as it limits who can happily use one. I love the little brow comb, it’s nice to have it right on hand and great for travel.
Sadly it’s just a bit too creamy so it takes a while to build up the colour. It would be impossible to cross the line between defined brows and OTT brows! I will probably use this pencil when I want a softly defined brow but I doubt it’ll make the cut to regular use.
I would maybe recommend this to someone starting out in makeup as you can easily rub away any mistakes and the colour isn’t that strong.
Now onto the brow mascara..
I’ve never seen a brow brush like this and didn’t think I’d like it.. I do! It was easy to use and nicely defined my brows depositing a good amount of colour to enhance them. I got mine in medium brown and it come in two other colours, deep blonde and dark brown.
All in all, although I like the brow mascara, especially the brush! I don’t think I’ll repurchase either as they didn’t impress me enough. I think the next brow purchase will be the new Benefit brow mascara.
Uh, I think I’ve just realized I’m obsessed with brow products :/ I have a drawer full of them! Oh well that’s not a bad thing for us makeup enthusiasts. Right?!?
Thanks for reading!
Lucy. x
Disclaimer. I brought these with my own money and received no money or products in return for this review.