Blonde hair gone wrong? Quick tip

My friend is coming over tonight for me to fix her hair so that’s prompted me to write a quick tip for anyone that’s had a issue with going blonde.
She used a box dye on her hair and her roots have gone orange and brassy, I’m going to be using Touch of Silver toning shampoo
photo credit google ebay
I’ll just be using this on her roots as the lengths are fine, if you have brassiness all over just whack it on all your hair!
It was my saviour when I undertook the laborious and painful journey from black to platinum blonde.
It’s a deep indigo colour, but don’t panic, this colour is exactly what’s needed to neutralize the brassiness. You just lather it up, leave it for about 5 minutes then wash it out thoroughly.
It’s never failed me!.
This post has prompted me to write about all the tips and tricks I learnt on my journey so I’ll be posting that shortly.
Thanks again guys! Lucy x
*This is not a sponsored post, I’ve always brought this shampoo with my own money.