L’Oreal Super Liner Eyeliner – Express

Today I’m reviewing L’Oreal’s Super Liner Gelmatic Eyeliner, name’s a bit of a mouthful! I got mine in the colour taupe grey, it also comes in ultra black and deep violet. It’s their first gel liner in a pen format.

I picked it up because I was looking for something to use instead of black to make my signature smokey eye a little softer, the gel pen format really intrigued me as I love gel eyeliner’s and have never tried it in a pen before.


I was not disappointed at all! But to be fair I’ve not found a L’Oreal product that I haven’t liked yet!

  • Pros – It goes on smooth and doesn’t drag across the eyelid.
  • Fab pigmentation.
  • Great staying power, I don’t know if it lives up to it’s 24hour wear as I haven’t worn it that long! But it does last until I remove it after about 11hours.
  • It has a retractable liner and has good size nib, not too big, not too small!
  • If you work quickly before it sets, it smudges out lovely.


A swatch of the liner, sorry it’s coming off slightly more brown in the photo, it’s a little more grey than that.

017 (2)

This is after being vigorously rubbed with my hand and sleeve! Not too shabby eh?!

So I’m afraid I have no cons to list! I’m really happy with this liner and definitely recommend it. It’s a fabulous staple to have, especially in the grey shade to give a softer look than using black.

Thanks! Lucy.x

Budget Beauty

I have a beauty bargain for you today, MUA Blusher in Shade 2 (although looking on the website now it appears they’ve now given all their shades names, which is far better than numbers in my opinion)

mua blusher

I picked this up on a whim from Superdrug for the stonkingly good price of £1!!

mua blusher

You do need a light hand with this as it’s highly pigmented but I consider that a good thing. Nothing worse than layering and layering and nothing happening!

It’s soft with a nice gentle sheen to it and no shimmer.

For the price it’s definitely worth trying them out!


Express Review

Hey guys 🙂 this is an quick review on Maybelline Baby Lips.
I brought this wanting to try a new lip balm, I love tinted balms as I’m not a massive lipstick wearer.
I choose Pink Punch, a gorgeous cool pink shade.
Swatch-I went over the balm a couple of times to show the level of pigmentation in the balm you can achieve, for a more subtle look which I like I just go over once.
I really love this as I can just slap it on with no mirror and it looks good! Just enough colour in it to show a nice tint to the lips but not so much I need to be careful with application! It’s smooth and moisturizing, perfect for winter months when your lips need some hydration.
I wouldn’t buy this if you want a lot of pigmentation from a balm, I’d recommend Revlon’s lip butters for that. But for a nice sheen of colour these are perfect, I’m defiantly going to try out Cherry Me when I’m next in a drugstore. I got mine on a buy one get one half price offer in store, but currently online they’re running a 3 for 2 offer here
Thanks for reading! Lucy x

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

The new L’Oreal mascara review.
We’re being treated with all these new products on the shelves!
I picked this up in my local Superdrug for the introductory offer of £5.99. Bargain! You can get it here it also comes in Pop Turquoise and Tropical Violet.
L’Oreal say.
Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara creates mega volume on top and bottom so eyes look more open.
Our exclusive formula, made up of enlarging collagen spheres works perfectly in conjunction with the 360° flexible cone shaped brush to amplify upper lashes and reveal lower lashes.
The exclusive formula also contains a trilogy of polymers for absolute hold and staying power.
I say.
I really like this mascara! I do have to say though that when I opened the tube (which took forever, I had two layers of that horrible plastic stuff to get through!) the brush didn’t look great and the first strokes just looked like a clumpy mess.
I persevered though and I ended up with lots of length, volume and a definite ‘wide eyed’ look!
One problem I seem to get with a lot of mascaras is that when I get good volume it weighs down my lashes and I often end up having to sacrifice length for volume. I didn’t get that with Miss Manga, after the initial mess with more strokes it spread out and I had fairly defined long thick lashes, every girls dream 🙂
The wand is one of those fandangaled bendy ones like the Mega Plush from Maybelline, so if you didn’t like that wand, chances are you won’t like this one.
After 8 hours wear I still had curled long lashes with no smudges. I do recommend this and this will be a daily use. Will it take over my Benefit Bad Gal? I don’t think so, there’s a special place in my heart for that one! But I can see myself picking this one up a lot!
Thanks for reading, have you brought this mascara? What did you think?
Lucy. x
Disclaimer. I brought this with my own money and received no money or products in exchange for this review.

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil and Brow Drama Brow Mascara

New Maybelline Brow Products Review.
Hi guys, today I’m posting about two new Maybelline Products, the Master Shape brow pencil and the Brow Drama mascara.
I was actually shopping for my sister’s baby shower but I just can’t resist the makeup aisles!
I’m always on the lookout for good brow products as I really believe good brows make a face! If I could only do three things to my face a day it would be, foundation, brows and mascara!
So onto the products..
The pencil – It’s creamy and goes on smoothly. The colour I picked up was soft brown and it only comes in one other colour, dark blonde. I think there should be more shades as it limits who can happily use one. I love the little brow comb, it’s nice to have it right on hand and great for travel.
Sadly it’s just a bit too creamy so it takes a while to build up the colour. It would be impossible to cross the line between defined brows and OTT brows! I will probably use this pencil when I want a softly defined brow but I doubt it’ll make the cut to regular use.
I would maybe recommend this to someone starting out in makeup as you can easily rub away any mistakes and the colour isn’t that strong.
Now onto the brow mascara..
I’ve never seen a brow brush like this and didn’t think I’d like it.. I do! It was easy to use and nicely defined my brows depositing a good amount of colour to enhance them. I got mine in medium brown and it come in two other colours, deep blonde and dark brown.
All in all, although I like the brow mascara, especially the brush! I don’t think I’ll repurchase either as they didn’t impress me enough. I think the next brow purchase will be the new Benefit brow mascara.
Uh, I think I’ve just realized I’m obsessed with brow products :/ I have a drawer full of them! Oh well that’s not a bad thing for us makeup enthusiasts. Right?!?
Thanks for reading!
Lucy. x
Disclaimer. I brought these with my own money and received no money or products in return for this review.