L’Oreal Super Liner Eyeliner – Express

Today I’m reviewing L’Oreal’s Super Liner Gelmatic Eyeliner, name’s a bit of a mouthful! I got mine in the colour taupe grey, it also comes in ultra black and deep violet. It’s their first gel liner in a pen format.

I picked it up because I was looking for something to use instead of black to make my signature smokey eye a little softer, the gel pen format really intrigued me as I love gel eyeliner’s and have never tried it in a pen before.


I was not disappointed at all! But to be fair I’ve not found a L’Oreal product that I haven’t liked yet!

  • Pros – It goes on smooth and doesn’t drag across the eyelid.
  • Fab pigmentation.
  • Great staying power, I don’t know if it lives up to it’s 24hour wear as I haven’t worn it that long! But it does last until I remove it after about 11hours.
  • It has a retractable liner and has good size nib, not too big, not too small!
  • If you work quickly before it sets, it smudges out lovely.


A swatch of the liner, sorry it’s coming off slightly more brown in the photo, it’s a little more grey than that.

017 (2)

This is after being vigorously rubbed with my hand and sleeve! Not too shabby eh?!

So I’m afraid I have no cons to list! I’m really happy with this liner and definitely recommend it. It’s a fabulous staple to have, especially in the grey shade to give a softer look than using black.

Thanks! Lucy.x

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Stay in Place Foundation.

Wow. Just wow.

Why did it take me so long to jump on the bandwagon with this foundation?!?

estee lauder double wear

I have tried many foundations over the course of my makeup fuelled life, and ALL have paled in comparison to this baby.

It literally does everything it says on the tin, and it comes in a fabulous 31 shades in cools, warms and neutrals.

estee lauder double wear

I went to the Estee Lauder counter and got matched, the girls are very helpful there and I got a sample to take away. Always best to get a sample as you really don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find you don’t like it!
First off this is a full coverage foundation, so if you like yours light this won’t be for you. When they say full coverage they mean it. I have pigmentation and redness on my cheeks from being too harsh on my acne in the past. This covers it and still keeps my skin looking natural.

It claims to be long lasting and oh boy it is, my wearing time is roughly 12 hours and it looks exactly the same at night as it did when I applied it in the morning. I’ve never had that from a foundation, my skin type is oily/normal so foundations’ normally slide off my skin.
I’ve tried a few different application methods with this and I’ve found what works best with me is laying it on with a paddle foundation brush and buffing it into the skin with my Real Techniques buffing brush using stippling and buffing motions. I do a thin layer all over then, if I need more coverage I’ll do another thin layer on top. You’ll need to work quickly with it as it dries fast! I do sections of my face at a time, lay it on, blend, then move on to the next section. There is zero time for faffing because once it’s dry it’s like cement!

If you have dry skin I’d strongly recommend using a really good moisturizer beforehand as this is quite a ‘dry’ formulation, you really need the moisture to help it blend and sit better.
Because of my skin type I rarely need a moisturizer in the morning, but even I find I need something, otherwise the foundation gets very dry and hard to blend. I use Becca rejuvenating primer and find it gives me enough moisture on the skin with the benefits of a primer to make the foundation look its best. I don’t feel like I’m wearing a mask with this on and my skin still looks natural (this is why colour matching is so important!) but because of the coverage you need to put colour back into your skin with blusher/bronzer or both!

If you want full coverage and long lasting I can’t recommend this enough! Just make sure you moisturize and work quickly with it.

I’ve heard that they changed the formulation of the foundation and some people weren’t happy with the new one. I’ve never tried the old formulation so I can’t comment between the two, but I can genuinely say I’m super happy with it and it’s my new favourite.


*I brought this with my own money and recieved nothing in return for this review.

The Balm Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette

My thought on The Balm’s nude ‘tude palette!
the balm nude tude palette
I’ve now been using this for a month pretty solidly so I think it’s fair to say I’m in love!
The photo below is with flash.
nude tude the balm
The shadows are beautifully pigmented, sooo buttery soft and completely wearable. It has taken me from night to day, it’s a great neutral palette to have in your collection.
The photo below is without flash.
nude tude the balm
The shades are as follows
nude tude the balm
  • Sassy. A satin white highlight shade. I use this very sparingly on my browbone, you really don’t need much, it’s so highly pigmented.
  • Stubborn. A dusky pink satin shade, lovely in the light.
  • Snobby. A light peach gold satin shade, great to brighten up a bronze eye look.
  • Stand-offish. A very shimmery light pink shade.
nude tude the balm
  • Selfish. A really nice shimmery taupe shade
  • Sophisticated. A gorgeous dark bronze shimmering shade. Looks lovely as a dark bronze night look.
  • Sultry. Another of my favourites, a warm matte brown, which I find is great as a transition colour for a dark eye look.
  • Seductive. My top favourite of the bunch! I’ve been using this a lot for a variety of looks. It’s a warm shimmery bronze shade. Fab on blue eyes.
nude tude the balm
  • Sexy. This beautiful matte deep red/purple shade is one of my favourites in this palette. It makes a simple smokey eye look so much more interesting and gives such a lovely depth to the look.
  • Serious. A matte black with fairly good pigmentation. I don’t find it as blendable as the others, but I do like it over black kohl liner.
  • Silly. The only glittery shadow, it’s a dark purple-brown shade with purple and gold glitter in. Although it isn’t a shade I would use often, it’s so well done. Despite the glitter it’s still incredibly soft and pigmented.
  • Sleek. A very very dark matte brown. A good alternative to black.
nude tude palette swatches
My favourite combinations are, sassy, snobby and seductive for a nice bronze eye and sophisticated, sexy and sleek for a different smokey eye for the evening.
The palette comes with a double ended shadow/liner brush.
nude tude the balm
I adore the packaging! So girly and pretty! The shade names are great fun too! Practicality is important though and it’s a sturdy casing with a magnetic closing with a good sized mirror in the lid.
One thing I would’ve like to have seen in this palette though is a lighter mid tone matte brown as I often find myself reaching for one to blend out my eyeshadow. If they included that this really would be the ultimate palette.
I definitely recommend it for anyone in the market for a great neutral palette. It’s a fabulous addition to my makeup, I love it!
Hugs, Lucy x
*My boyfriend brought this for me with his own money, all opinions are my own.

Express Review

Hey guys 🙂 this is an quick review on Maybelline Baby Lips.
I brought this wanting to try a new lip balm, I love tinted balms as I’m not a massive lipstick wearer.
I choose Pink Punch, a gorgeous cool pink shade.
Swatch-I went over the balm a couple of times to show the level of pigmentation in the balm you can achieve, for a more subtle look which I like I just go over once.
I really love this as I can just slap it on with no mirror and it looks good! Just enough colour in it to show a nice tint to the lips but not so much I need to be careful with application! It’s smooth and moisturizing, perfect for winter months when your lips need some hydration.
I wouldn’t buy this if you want a lot of pigmentation from a balm, I’d recommend Revlon’s lip butters for that. But for a nice sheen of colour these are perfect, I’m defiantly going to try out Cherry Me when I’m next in a drugstore. I got mine on a buy one get one half price offer in store, but currently online they’re running a 3 for 2 offer here
Thanks for reading! Lucy x

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette

I love a good makeup palette, I love a Urban Decay palette even more!
When I saw this one on sale I snapped it up! It’s common knowledge that Urban Decay do beautifully pigmented eyeshadows and I couldn’t wait for it to drop it my letterbox!
It didn’t disappoint 🙂
I’ve found that the shadows are creamy, with the exception of Skimp, I found it to be a tad on the chalky side, not a problem for me though.
Urban Decay Names
My favourite to look at is Haight a gorgeous teal’y green’y blue concoction! And so well pigmented!
Practicality wise though I love Wreckage, I adore a good bronzey shade.
For a smoky eye, (my specialty) 😉 Rockstar and Gunmetal give a rock chick worthy plum toned look.
As always Urban Decay give us a worthy palette to add to our collections!
One thing I love about eyeshadows like the ones Urban Decay deliver, are that they push me out of my comfort zones and make me want to wear slightly more colourful looks.
Do you have this palette? What combinations of the shadows do you like?
Thanks for reading guys!
Lucy x
Disclaimer. I used my own money to buy this palette and received no money or products in exchange for this review.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Review

For the bad in me…
Oh how I’m glad I found you Bad gal, you made my mascara dreams come true!
Hello my friends, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite Christmas presents from my boyfriend, I asked for some Benefit makeup and being the wonder he is, lo and behold, Benefit pressies for me 🙂
This is what they say…
Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It’s as BAD as you want to be! Famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with our super black formula.
What I say…
This mascara has taken over my Revlon ‘grow luscious’ for the daily wear number one spot. Here’s why…
Lovely brush, I’ve found it pretty easy to manure, no eye poking incidents!
Nice deep black pigment.
The curl lasts all day until I take my makeup off, so usual wear is 11 hours for me.
I haven’t found it to get flaky, even if I need to add more for a day to night look.
Separates my lashes beautifully.
It removes nicely (I do cleanse with jojoba oil which makes it much easier taking of mascara anyway)
I have found it to take longer to build the volume I want than my Revlon does.
Does smudge ever so slightly. I do wear my eye liner quite smokey though so this isn’t much of a problem for me, however this might be a problem for others so it’s worth considering.
I do feel though, that the curl lasting longer makes up for it taking  a bit more effort to get some volume.
How I apply…
I start by curling my lashes then I apply one coat to my top and bottom lashes on one eye then I move to the other eye and do the same, for more volume I just go back and forth to each eye until I’m happy!
Do I recommend this mascara?
Yes, at £17.50 it’s slightly more expensive than drugstore but depending on which brand you buy you could be looking at only a couple of pounds more.
Here’s where you can purchase from http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/badgal-lash-mascara
Thanks for reading 🙂 Any comments? You know what to do 😉
Disclaimer. My boyfriend brought me this with his own money, and I did not receive any free products or money in exchange for this review.